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La Alcaldesa
Candace hace de alcaldesa y Stacy es su secretaria.
Nombre en Castellano: Ella es la Alcaldesa
Temporada: N°2
Código de Producción: 1
Número de Difusión: {{{Número de Difusión}}}
Storyboards por:
Dan Povenmire
Robert F. Hughes
Kyle Menke
Kim Roberson
Michael Diederich
Aliki Theofilopoulos Grafft
Antoine Guilbaud
J.G. Orrantia
Mike Roth
Perry Zombolas
Estreno en España:
14 de Julio de 2010
20 de Agosto de 2010
Debut internacional:
Haremos a la antigua.

— Phineas Flynn

Candace se concede la oportunidad de ser alcalde durante el día, así que ella usa su nuevo estatus para crear leyes que pueden ayudarla a reventar sus hermanos. De vuelta en casa, Phineas y Ferb construyen un auténtico pueblo pionero de madera. Mientras tanto, el Dr. Doofenshmirtz de está programado para jugar al golf con su hermano, pero ya que él odia el juego, se crea el denominador de aceleración para acelerar las cosas. Sin embargo, él no es consciente de que su invención también tiene la habilidad de abrir agujeros a otras dimensiones.


En el Ayuntamiento, el Alcalde Doofenshmirtz anuncia a Candace como la ganadora del concurso "Alcalde por un día", por su ensayo "Razones por las que debo pillar a mis hermanos", creyendo que era una metáforam entonces Roger hace un discurso sobre el espíritu pionero, Phineas y Ferb, inspirados por esas palabras, deciden construir un pueblo pionero sin ningún tipo de tecnología. Ignorando el hecho de que su posición es únicamente con fines propagandísticos. Candace contrata a Stacy como su nueva ayudante y decide empezar a utilizar su poder, mientras sus hermanos empiezan a trabajar en su proyecto y se pregunta donde está Perry.

En una sauna, el Mayor Monograma le da a Perry su misión. De vuelta a casa, Phineas y Ferb comienzan a trabajar en su proyecto y, en el ayuntamiento, la alcaldesa Candace crea diversas leyes nuevas, como prohibir que los demás lleven ropa roja, hacer todo bonito, que le regalen ropa gratis etc. Mientras, Phineas y Ferb siguen construyendo muy lentamente, Candace se da cuenta de que va a utilizar su poder para atrapar a sus hermanos.

En un campo de golf, el Dr. Doofenshmirtz se prepara para jugar al golf con su hermano, ya que le obligó su madre, mientras el Agent P es su caddy. Phineas y Ferb completan su pueblo pionero mientras Candace se prepara para atraparlos.

En el campo de golf, el Dr. Doofenshmirtz muestra su "Aceleri-Golf-Inator", con el que planea acelerar el partido para que se termine. Candace llega a casa para conseguir atrapar a sus hermanos y Phineas y Ferb se quejan de lo duro que ha sido su trabajo, pero que están orgullosos del mismo, acto seguido, entran en casa.

Linda y Lawrence son llevados a casa por el servicio secreto de la alcaldesa. para que vean el pueblo pionero, cuando Mamá lo ve, se enfada y llama a Phineas y Ferb, diciendo que Candace tenía razón. De vuelta al campo de golf, Roger es sorprendido por el hecho de ir ya por la mitad del partido mientras, el Dr. Doofenshmirtz señala que su nuevo invento podría destruir la estructura del contínuo-espacio-tiempo, y posiblemente, destruir el universo, entonces el Agente P destruye el invento, causando un viaje en el tiempo hacia el pasado. Entonces un alienígena aparece y rompe el Inator.

En el ayuntamiento, el alcalde Roger se prepara para anunciar el ganador del concurso, entonces, el alienígena rompe el invento de Doof causando una alteración en el contínuo espacio-tiempo y que un viejo loco gane el concurso, lo que implica que este episodio nunca ha pasado.


Galleria de imagenesEditar

She's the Mayor title card
La galería de imágenes de La Alcaldesa se pueden ver aqui.

Running GagsEditar

La linea "No eres/son muy joven/es para"Editar


Y Ferb diceEditar

Phineas: Yep, it's took a whole lot of toil, pain, sweat and hard work to build this town. We should be proud.

Ferb: Let's never do that again.
Phineas: Agreed. Come on, let's go inside the house for a snack.
Isabella: And air conditioning.

Buford: And indoor toilets.

¿Que estan haciendo?Editar

Isabella: Que estan haciendo?
Phineas: We're gonna build authentic pioneer town on our own backyard, and we're only using Dad's antique collection of pioneer tools to do it.

Perry's entrance to his lairEditar

He was already in the Agency's Sauna with Major Monogram and Carl.

Sujeto fuera, paz!Editar

Candace: Sooo, as Mayor, I officially give you the rest of the week off.

Melanie: Well that's really cute, but -
Candace: With pay.

Melanie: Melanie is out, peace!

Memorable QuotesEditar

Linda: Oh, that's great. I've been rushing home all summer long for a metaphor.
Monogram: It's our old friend Doofenshmirtz again. He's been researching both theoretical physics and golf fashion. Sounds like an unholy combination.
Candace: I just realized - I, like so many other elected officials, have forgotten the very promises I made that got me into office in the first place!
Roger Doofenshmirtz: You know what they say - you can't be T'd off once you've teed off. (chuckles) That was very funny...

Doofenshmirtz: What? Who says that?
Roger: You know. They. Those guys over there. (points to a couple of people)
They: (along with ominous music) You can't be T'd off once you've teed off.

Roger: Creepy, huh? I've been trying to ditch those guys all day.
El viejo loco del pueblo : You tenderfoots better high-tail it outta here, if you know what's good for ya! This here town was built on top of an ancient Indian burial ground! (spits)

Phineas: Actually, this is our backyard.
Crazy Old Coot: If you find any gold, it's mine!

Phineas: Umm... Okay...
Reporters: Yay, metaphors!
Phineas: Well guys, we did it. A 100% historically accurate old-timey pioneer town.

Baljeet: Yes. Complete with hitching posts -
Buford: And snake bites -
Baljeet: And deer ticks -
Buford: And various sores I'll be nursing for months.
Phineas: Yep, it's took a whole lot of toil, pain, sweat and hard work to build this town. We should be proud.
Ferb: Let's never do that again.
Phineas: Agreed. Come on, let's go inside the house for a snack.
Isabella: And air conditioning.

Buford: And indoor toilets.
Linda: I wonder what will be waiting for me today. An invisible thing or a non-existent thing.
Doofenshmirtz: (to Perry) There's just one little problem with my Accelerate-inator. There's a small chance that it will rip space-time, probably destroying the entire universe, (Perry stares at him while he is saying this) but golf, jeez, totally worth it. (Perry stops)
Candace: Not everything is a metaphor!
Reporters: Hooray for finding gold being a metaphor for - oh wait, I think we're supposed to take that literally.

Informacion del capituloEditar

  • This is the only episode in which Stacy appears with hair tied on top of her head. She has an updo in the entire episode.
  • This is the third time that Candace has managed to bust her brothers ("Phineas and Ferb Get Busted", "Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo",), although in each incident, time is modified, or the whole thing turns out to be a dream, making them "not count". This episode (along with "Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo") also proves that Linda would indeed not approve of what Phineas & Ferb do if she was actually aware of their true activities, as she was quick to call them out & was prepared to punish them on the spot. (It is unknown what Lawrence would think, though)
  • This is first of Phineas and Ferb's Big Ideas where they were exhausted from building and wished to never to do again.
  • This is the first episode where Perry does not wear his agent hat.
  • In Spain the "Accelerate-inator" was call the "Aceleri-golf-inator" (Acceleri-golf-inator). In Spain this episode was titled "Ella es la alcaldesa" (She is the mayor)
  • Events that are shown in the rewind scene but not on the episode:
    • Candace and Stacy being on a stage with a picture of Candace in the background
    • Scenes with Dr. Doofenshmirtz doing activities with Perry
  • Goof: Candace and her bodyguard refer to the house as "the Flynn household", not its true title of "Flynn-Fletcher household". Also, Lawrence and Linda are called "Mr. and Mrs. Flynn", though Lawrence should be addressed as "Mr. Fletcher". Isabella made a similar mistake in "Candace Loses Her Head" and "Hip Hip Parade", when she calls Linda "Mrs. Fletcher". Jeremy also did this in "Atlantis". Isabella also says "Nice hat, Mr. Flynn." in the episode "Greece Lightning".



  • Candace's campaign logo parodies "Hope," a now famous-poster of Barack Obama created by artist Shepherd Fairey in 2008.
  • "They" resemble the Grady twins from the famous horror film The Shining.
  • Stacy hums the first four notes of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.
  • The title of this short is a likely parody of the syndicated series She's the Sheriff (1987-89) which starred Suzanne Somers.
  • When the whole day is rewound, that could be a reference to UK TV show Hounded.
  • The Crazy Old Coot has his right eye closed just like the Mayor of Townsvile in The Powerpuff Girls.


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