Women Singers: He wants to be a real boy (He wants to be a real boy)
He wants to be a real boy (Real boy, yeah)

Norm: I'm a lonely orphan robot
{C}{C}{C Just a scrap metal tower
{C}{C}{C A misfired piston
{C}{C}{C Run on squirrel power

Women Singers: His galvanized insides
{C}{C}{C Can feel no joy
{C}{C}{C He wants to be a real boy

Norm: I wanna be a real boy!

Rappers: Yeah!

Norm: Not a titanium toy
{C}{C}{C Don't give my battery flattery
What I want is more grey matter-y
Rappers: A brain, some veins and some arteries!
Norm: I got a squirrel on a treadmill where my heart should be
If I was real,

Rappers: You could feel!

I could really emote
Instead of shorting out whenever he sits on the remote
I want a dad

Rappers: A father!

Norm:Someone I can call pop
Someone to take me out for malts down at the soda shop
Someone to take me on a fishing trip or teach me how to ride a bike
Who'll pat me on the head and ask me "how you doin', tyke?"
{C}{C}{C Women Singers and Rappers: How you doin', tyke?

Norm: Well, I'm fine, all things considered
{C}{C}{C Wanna be a real boy but I don't wanna sound embittered
{C}{C}{C But thanks for asking, seriously!


Phineas & Ferb "Un chico de verdad" Español Latino01:06

Phineas & Ferb "Un chico de verdad" Español Latino




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